ABOUT Jurmala

Jurmala is the only official resort in Latvia. It is also only 15km from Riga International Airport and 25 km from the capital of Latvia, Riga. The resort of Jurmala is well known for its natural resources, its mild climate, the sea, its healthy air, and the curative mud and mineral waters. It fascinates with its white sandy beach that is almost 26 km long and its spacious pine forests with modern recreation and resort options. There are a lot of activities in each of the four seasons and at any time of the year for every visitor to the city, such as art exhibitions, local and international concerts, and many other events. Information about Jurmala is available at (

Source: Wikipedia


By car

Jūrmala lies about 20 km west of Riga along the A10/ E22 highway. All cars entering Jūrmala city limits between April 1 and September 30 must pay a daily entrance fee (EUR 2). If you are arriving from the east (Riga), pay at the toll point in Priedaine. If you are arriving from the west (Tukums), pay at the toll point in Vaivari. The entrance fee can be paid for with cash or payment card as well as by mobile app.

By taxi

The centre of Jūrmala, Majori, is 13 km from the Riga International Airport, which serves airlines flying to 69 destinations. A taxi ride from the airport to Majori should not cost more than EUR 17. The Baltic Taxi (T. +371 20008500, +371 8500; and Red Cab (T. +371 8383; taxi companies are available to guests arriving at the airport.

By train

The train line runs through the entire length of Jūrmala, from Priedaine to Ķemeri, with 14 stops within the city limits. Passenger trains to Jūrmala leave Riga Central Station (Stacijas laukums 1) from Tracks (ceļš) 3 and 4 on Platform (perons) 4. Look for trains going in the direction of Tukums, Ķemeri or Sloka. Depending on your selected destination, the ride from Riga to Jūrmala takes between 20 to 50 minutes and costs between EUR 1.40 and EUR 1.90 (for example, Riga–Majori takes 30 minutes and costs EUR 1.40).

Buy a ticket at the counters in the main ticket hall or, for a slightly higher price, directly from the conductor on the train.

By minibus

It is possible to use a minibus to get from Riga to Jūrmala. They depart from the minibus station that is opposite the central railway station “Riga”. It takes around 30 minutes to get to Majori that is the centre of Jūrmala.