Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the IOBC-WPRS Working group “Integrated Plant Protection in Fruit Crops” Sub Group “Pome Fruit Diseases”, you are cordially invited to the forthcoming 11th International IOBC-WPRS Workshop on Pome Fruit Diseases that will take place from 26 to 30 June 2017 in Jūrmala, Latvia.

The workshop takes place every 3 years and aims to bring together the latest advances in research of pome fruit diseases, to provide an opportunity for exchange of information and ideas and to stimulate common research and collaboration.

The scientific committee:

Regina Rancane (Latvian Plant Protection Research centre, Local organizer, Latvia)
Julija Vilcane (Latvian Plant Protection Research centre, Latvia)
Inga Morocko-Bicevska (Institute of Horticulture, Latvia)
Arne Stensvand (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Sub Group Convenor,Norway)
Marcel Wenneker (Wageningen University & Research Centre, the Netherlands)
Cheryl Lennox (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)

Proposed topics

  • Diagnostic tools in pome fruit pathology
  • Biology and epidemiology of apple and pear diseases
  • Host-plant resistance and biodiversity
  • Bacterial diseases of apple and pear
  • Canker diseases of apple and pear
  • Brown spot of pear
  • Monitoring and forecasting infection risks
  • Control methods (biocontrol, chemical, alternative, physical, sanitation)
  • Postharvest diseases

Prior to the 11 th International IOBC-WPRS Workshop on Pome Fruit Diseases, a meeting will be organized by the Lenticel rot group, which is an open discussion group with the main goal to discuss the latest research results related to storage diseases. For details regarding the Lenticel rot group meeting, please contact Michel Giraud, e-mail: Giraud@ctifl.fr. The programme of that meeting will be available in the website of the Workshop.


– Submission of abstracts, payment of early registration fees: 30 March 2017
– Payment of late registration fees after 30 March 2017 and before 30 May 2017
– Submission of full text for the IOBC – WPRS Bulletin: 30 August 2017

Meeting site

The meeting will be held at SemaraH Hotel Lielupe  (www.semarahhotels.com/lv/viesnica-lielupe/), Jūrmala (http://www.jurmala.lv/), Latvia.


The official language of the Workshop will be English